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January 28, 2011


In a recent study, Louisiana State University researchers found that when people had eggs for breakfast, they ate 250 fewer calories during the rest of the day than when they had a bagel instead.

Now let’s do some math…That calculates out to 1750 calories a week and 91,250 a year. That turns out to be 26 pounds a year!!

I know there are many more factors that go into weight loss but at least it’s a start!

February 24, 2010

How about some salmon for dinner?

To reduce your risk of prostate cancer, eat fatty fish.   In a study in Clinical Cancer Research, men who consumed the most omega-3 fats from fish had a 60% lower risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer than those with the lowest intake.  The greatest benefit was seen in men eating fatty fish at least once a week, and in those with a gene variant linked to increased risk of prostate cancer.