Penny Pate, Age 50, Hip and Shoulder Pain
At some point, my body stopped bouncing back from minor bumps and traumas like it used to, but I just chalked it up to turning 50. After being diagnosed with arthritis in my hip and lower spine, I decided to give MAT a try. I was amazed at the difference it made for my body. After my session with Luke, I went home feeling 20 years younger-and that’s no exaggeration!

Dennis Lynch-Flohr, Age 22, Asymmetrical Shoulders
I began lifting weights this past year and after a couple months I noticed my right shoulder was developing more quickly than my left. I wasn’t happy with the way it looked, and was desperate to find a solution. A friend told me about MAT, and I decided to try it—even though I was skeptical. My first appointment with Luke went well, and the next day my left shoulder had significantly caught up with the size of my right—it was amazing to see results so quickly. After my second appointment, both shoulders were the same size. Luke produces results, and I recommend him without reservation.

Lynne Stuart-Johnson, Age 59, Foot and Back Pain
Since meeting Luke in March 2007, he has truly given me a second chance at life. As a ballet dancer and instructor, I am beginning to feel the residual effects of my lifetime career. Luke explained to me that my body has been compensating for the weaker muscles and consequently has worn down stronger muscles. By using MAT on my legs, ankles and even my toes, Luke helps “wake up” my muscles. It’s refreshing to leave a MAT session knowing I will be stronger that day in ballet class. Between MAT sessions, Luke gives me isometric exercises to strengthen my muscles, encouraging lazy muscles to wake up and support the others that have been working hard—and I have seen results. It brings me so much joy to do a “relevé” or a quick-step “bourée” without pain, knowing my feet are strong enough to withstand these physical demands.

Lauren Duvall, Age 26, Hamstring Tightness
Luke did an amazing job helping me get in shape for my wedding. Not only did he customize my workouts, he explained how to safely and correctly perform each exercise. In addition to the personal training, Luke used MAT to help determine why I seem to pull certain muscles and how to strengthen them to avoid future injury. My results were amazing. I felt like a million bucks at my wedding (and felt even better in my bikini on the honeymoon). Now I have wonderful wedding pictures I’m proud to show off.

Erin O’Boyle, Age 27, SI Joint pain and IT Band Tightness
I am a runner and a yogi. After a few months of nagging pains in my SI and hip flexors and a good report from my chiropractor, I decided to try MAT. Clearly, something was amiss with my muscles. MAT has been awesome! It has helped open my hips and I feel much more balanced with daily activities and all of my workouts. Working on my hips, glutes, and lower back has felt great during and after my sessions. I highly recommend it for ANY muscular issues!